I'm thankful to be here for the start of another year, thinking of all those wonderful souls who didn't make it. The Universe is an immense, powerful, marvel to behold. I'm certain their atoms and their dust are once again free to continue the journey outward. I will miss them, but I'll live live with their lessons and I'll envy them until the day comes when it's my turn.

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Yes, it is a good time to stop and be thankful. big hug to you.
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I know what you mean. I love living and I love my life and would like to be here for years to come but I'm not afraid of death. I believe in Heaven but not in hell; I think at times, that this can be hell, if we allow it to be. I miss the people here who have passed and for those whose caregivers were the member, I knew the survivor vicariously. Take care Bill.
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I try to keep their memories alive in my heart.
This can be a hard time of year. However, we have turned the corner on the amount of daylight and in about another month we'll be turning our attention to new life outdoors.

Meanwhile be good to yourself and those around you.
All the best
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This is beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas!
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Love the people who are working to help you. Let them know you love them.

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