If it is incorrect for me to post this, please tell me.

For my fellow Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma patients, please have a look at the rates since the introduction of Roundup in western countries.

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I am convinced that Roundup spraying on his farm is why my Uncle is no longer with us- he was strong as an ox, but cancer took him down swiftly :(
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I agree with you John!
Great article! Also look up foods that contain glyphosate. Scary! Thanks for sharing!!
Yeah, go ahead and post this stuff. This stuff really scares me. And how are you to know what is in your food.
That's my question too. Of course I would avoid foods exposed to Roundup and with glyphosate. How are we to know, or do you have any examples. We eat local foods from our farmers market most of the time but can't get all of our food there. Also, many folks can't afford to eat local because its more expensive.
Happy birthday week!
Happy Birthday week Bill !
Hi Bill, Now that someone has won a $289 million lawsuit against Monsanto it looks like the lawyers will be out in full force. Here in Northern California, in last sundays paper, there was a large ad saying something like "If you have had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma - call us - we can get you MONEY by representing you in a lawsuit" etc.
Naturally I called, but it's not a class action suit. It's some law firm looking for the "perfect" patient to represent in their hoped-for lawsuit and they'd like to be able to wave lots of other potential plaintiffs at Monsanto to get them to settle their one special client. If you sign up with them you give up the right to be in a class action suit if one ever comes along.
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It is REALLY scary. Hope is as important as breath.

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If meds for chemo side effects are bothering you like perhaps anti-nausea meds causing constipation, talk to your doctor about alternatives or possibly trying to go without that Med and see how you make out.

Love the people who are working to help you. Let them know you love them.

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