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I lost my Melba back in January. (See my photo)I loved every dog I've ever been lucky enough to spend my life with, but Melba may have been my one in a lifetime dog...that special one. She came off a sheep ranch. Half Border Collie and half Pyrenees she was brave and solid and tough and gentle and sweet and loving and fearless. I'll miss that girl forever. 

March 17, 2016 I was declared NED. Monday, the first day of 2017 spring I go see my Onc for my 1 year check. I got a glance at my blood work and it looks fine so I'll have to see what the Doc has to say about the CT Scan. 

I had two trigger fingers fixed on each hand, now my one year cancer check, then a colonoscopy next week and after all that I believe a quick kick of my tires and clean my glasses,  I'm might be ready for summer!

my love and best wishes to everyone on BFAC. I'll let you know, Bill 

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Bill, Sending you hugs and love and prayers.. I believe we will be with our pets again in heaven:).. Sabina:)
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Sorry for your loss. Your dog is beautiful, and sounds like a once in a lifetime mate. May your memories of her grow fonder with time, and your spring and summer continue to get better.

Thanks for sharing. I have always been a dog person, but a cat adopted me, and that did it. I was visiting some people at a farm who said she had just been dumped there. She kept getting in my car, and wouldn't stay out. She's my once in a lifetime cat. When I come home from work, she greets me at the door. She sleeps with me, is protective of me, and seems to worry.
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Congratulations!! Don't forget to take off your socks and shoes!! Enjoy!! It's a great feeling!!
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Plus I'm sorry about Melba! Was excited for your NED!!
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Hi Bill

So glad the blood work looks good, but hearing that the CT scan is clear will make that news even better. Happy one year anniversary and only good news from now on.
Your beautiful dog Melba, reminded me so much of Rusty, the part border collie that I grew up with. Rusty had all the same attributes as Melba and I miss him so much. I understand how special she was to you.
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So sorry about Melba. Hope all of your testing is awesome!
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Hi Bill, sorry to hear about your Melba. Trigger finger- ouch- one still acts-up, but the other one got the injection and it fixed the problem- for now. Did you have surgery for both, or the injections? Doc said 90% of the time it's the ring finger too.
St. Patrick's Day 2016 to be NED, so and the first day of Spring 2017 to celebrate your 1st Cancerversary! Please share your news with us.
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Hi John, Index and middle fingers on both hands. Surgery on both, about 4 weeks apart. Surgery takes about 20 minutes. Local anesthetic and a memory drug (the good stuff) much like they give for a colonoscopy. 1' incision, 3 or 4 stitches, almost no discomfort, bandages off the next day and covered it with a bandaid. Fingers were a bit sore for several days but immediately fixed. Great procedure. If you can have it done, just get it done. Easy and painless. Good to hear from you!
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Am sad to read this ... take heart though - we are all star dust, we all go "home" in the end, and you will be reunited with your special girl when the time is right xx :*)
So nice to hear from you and so sorry to hear about your sweet dog. Great to hear your blood work is good! Here's hoping your CT scan will show only healthy organs and lymph nodes!
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October 11, 2015

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September 25, 1950

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September 24, 2015

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It comes on without warning.

It is REALLY scary. Hope is as important as breath.

Billings Clinic, Montana & Cody, WY

If meds for chemo side effects are bothering you like perhaps anti-nausea meds causing constipation, talk to your doctor about alternatives or possibly trying to go without that Med and see how you make out.

Love the people who are working to help you. Let them know you love them.

February 20, 2016

March 21, 2016

Swollen lymph node, right side of neck




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