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As most of you know, we lost a "colorful" sportscaster last month to a difficult variety of leukemia. His name is Craig Sager and those who knew him all agree, it would be difficult to find a more decent human being.

I'm writing this because after two bone marrow transplants and two remissions, sadly his cancer returned for a third time. Knowing too well the gravity of his chance for survival, he was asked, "So what now, Craig?"  His reply? "Hope is as important as breath."  I knew at that moment that those words would be my mantra for the rest of my life.  If anyone else here reading this cares to take those words into their own lives or share them with others as I am now, I am certain it would make Craig Sager happy.

Craig taught us a lot about life and love and family and sport, but I think most important of all, Craig Sager taught us HOPE IS AS IMPORTANT AS BREATH.


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I totally agree. I'm a big NBA fan and Craig Sager was the best. What an inspiration of strength, hope and determination he was. May he rest in peace.
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I live that. So agree. ;-)
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So true.
Sad to hear of his passing.
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Something I think a lot of people lose sight of. This is a mental battle as well as a physical one. That's why I am grateful for BFAC. So many people here to help keep your spirits up and cheer you on. This is a great reminder.
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I needed to read this today. Thank you Bill!
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Great reminder. I saw the story and Craig Sager seemed to have it right by all accounts.
Also reminds me of two Yogi Berra quotes
Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical.
It ain’t over till it’s over.
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It is REALLY scary. Hope is as important as breath.

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