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I'm thankful to be here for the start of another year, thinking of all those wonderful souls who didn't make it. The Universe is an immense, powerful, marvel to behold. I'm certain their atoms and their dust are once again free to continue the journey outward. I will miss them, but I'll live live with their lessons and I'll envy them until the day comes when it's my turn.

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Yes, it is a good time to stop and be thankful. big hug to you.
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I know what you mean. I love living and I love my life and would like to be here for years to come but I'm not afraid of death. I believe in Heaven but not in hell; I think at times, that this can be hell, if we allow it to be. I miss the people here who have passed and for those whose caregivers were the member, I knew the survivor vicariously. Take care Bill.
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I try to keep their memories alive in my heart.
This can be a hard time of year. However, we have turned the corner on the amount of daylight and in about another month we'll be turning our attention to new life outdoors.

Meanwhile be good to yourself and those around you.
All the best
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This is beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas!
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Hi Bill; Happy Birthday during this very trying year of 2020; may your year ahead be a good one. MGBY,
John! How are you? Thanks so much for thinking of me on my 29th birthday!

Actually, this is one of the big ones...70. Though I'm not dealing well with the concept of being 70, I'm very happy to be alive to be unhappy at turning 70! We've come far, John, here on BFAC. Happy Fall to you and yours! Bill
Bill, Happy 70th in 2020. That is a milestone, especially for us cancer survivors and fighters in this crazy year. Hoping to be employed next week- that would a good thing between the Covid-19 cuts and age discrimination, just getting a job at half the pay takes over 3 months of daily work, but it appears I might have broken thru. Happy Autumn to you on your birthday week as well.
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Thank you Costco!

Moms Across America presented 89,000 signatures to Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Costco, requesting they stop selling Roundup.

Costco said yes! They did not order Roundup for their spring sales!

Glyphosphate may someday be gone, but for now we’ll take our victories where we can get them!


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Thanks for the news Bill. Costco is one of the few companies willing to go against the grain. They pay their employees above average pay they help them with their college expenses they help them with their health insurance. The stockholders have been pressuring the CEO to charge a lot higher membership price and he only buckled down $5 more, so it's nice to see that there are still some corporations with some values to them - and getting rid of this poison - that probably, most certainly killed my uncle, is a first step. Thank you Costco! Now if only Costco would sell hospitals, labs, and outpatient centers chemo drugs at a reasonable cost, wouldn't that be something?
Fantastic news! Thanks for posting.
That is good news!
Happy birthday week!
hope you have a nice birthday this week Bill, and many more.
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October 11, 2015

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September 24, 2015

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It comes on without warning.

It is REALLY scary. Hope is as important as breath.

Billings Clinic, Montana & Cody, WY

If meds for chemo side effects are bothering you like perhaps anti-nausea meds causing constipation, talk to your doctor about alternatives or possibly trying to go without that Med and see how you make out.

Love the people who are working to help you. Let them know you love them.

February 20, 2016

March 21, 2016

Swollen lymph node, right side of neck



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