Hoping this might help

Hoping this might help

I'm posting this today in the hope that it may make you smile. Just a smile without thoughts of cancer.
In late November, I came across this Rough-legged Hawk along the side of the highway here in northern Wyoming. It had obviously been injured. I managed to gather it up and get it to a Bird Rehab in Cody, Wyoming, called Ironside Bird Rescue. X-rays were done. He had nothing broken, but internal injuries were a possibility. He was feisty and pissed about his situation. He was also determined to heal. He spent the last three weeks in a flight barn, proving he was okay to go back on his own.
Yesterday, Susan, at Ironside, gave me the honor and joy of launching him once again back up into the sky.
He will spend the rest of the winter with all the other Roughies here in Wyoming, then in March or April they will all journey back up above the Arctic Circle for the summer.
There are happy endings. Eventually, we all get to fly somewhere.

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Thank you! Love this!
A W E S O M E !
What a thrill that must have been.
Fantastic! :*)
What a cute face he has. I don't know birds well, at first I thought he was an owl.
Wonderful that you spotted this injured bird, helped him/her heal and see them free again! Gives you a good feeling. Thanks for sharing!!
that is beautiful. I love his expression, free at last! Just love birds. Thanks for saving him. Your expression is pretty good too! Take care.
Amazing! And what a majestic looking bird!
That is a fantastic picture. That bird is lucky you were driving by!
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It is REALLY scary. Hope is as important as breath.

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If meds for chemo side effects are bothering you like perhaps anti-nausea meds causing constipation, talk to your doctor about alternatives or possibly trying to go without that Med and see how you make out.

Love the people who are working to help you. Let them know you love them.

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